Flash games! They were the good old days for a lot of young folks as well as adults millennia’s back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and one of the most well known flash games that we have ever played was the Super Smash Flash 5 and other versions as well from their game series. In this article we will be covering the basics of this game, let’s start!

vs boss, epic sceneThe instruction of the game:
Just like any other super smash games in the series, the game itself revolves around a group fighting of various characters from different series of games and anime shows (such as: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and many more). Which are selected from 2-4 player to fight on a floating platform of which the character can fall down to their demise, just to be respawn again to fight until they ran out of their lives count. Every characters also have a damage meter which shown how much damage each individual received in percent, and when that meter reach the 100% the character will be kicked out of the platform and their lives count will be reduce by one. The gameplay also featured the use of items and power-ups that will allow the chaos to be even more entertaining!

The controls of the game:
The control of Super Smash Flash 5 are simple, it mainly consists of 8 keys. The direction controls (Up, down, right and left), the punch/use item button, the character’s special ability button, Esc (escape, to cancel or pause) and Enter/Return button(to accept the selected choice, choose characters, teams and stages). All these buttons can be reassigned with your own keys in the control settings.

The game itself features Versus mode and story mode:

Versus mode:
The VS(versus) mode allow the player to pick any characters and stages they want, they also get to choose the team their character would be in or a free-for-all game if they will. The characters they can chose from as well as the stages they can play in are limited. And the hidden/locked content can be unlocked by progressing in the story mode which we will talk about in the next paragraph!

Super Smash Flash 5Story mode:
The story mode (sometime also known as the single player mode) features a gameplay where the player cannot chose a character nor the stage they wish to play, as well as the opponents they will be facing. And as the player progress in the story mode the harder the game will become. And by the end of the story mode each player will have to face the boss of that game – a hand, yes, a hand. A giant floating hand that the player will have to defeat in order to win the game, and also to unlock the hidden characters and stages to enjoy!

The super smash series are the games that exist in all of our hearts. The era of the flash game maybe slipping away with time, but the memories and the reputation of how fun it was will live on. Thank you and dont forget to play second version of the game.